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Window Managers Enlightenment 0.17, the big, long awaited new release of the Enlightenment project, has been in the making for a long time now - since December 2000, to be precise. E17, as it became known, is a complete rewrite of Enlightenment, complete with a set of base libraries (the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) turning it into a full-fledged desktop environment, complete with its own set of base libraries for building applications. Last November, main developer Carsten 'Rasterman' Haitzler stated that there were only two big to-do items left blocking the release of E17. We're now a few months ahead, so I contacted Rasterman to see what's what.
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RE: Who will use it
by _txf_ on Thu 24th Apr 2008 22:11 UTC in reply to "Who will use it"
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I used to use it 3 years ago (compiled from cvs), even back then it was quite stable. I stopped using it because it seemed to be going nowhere fast and after a while it was just easier to use gnome and kde.

I would say it is a good replacement for those who still use e16 and it is similarly lightweight in comparison to xfce (but prettier in my opinion).

I think though that they spent too much time faffing around with creating etk when they should have just used gtk and made an engine that is suited to e17. There aren't enough apps that use etk and so the desktop is inevitably going to use gtk and qt based apps.

It has taken too long but there is little they could do about it short of getting more people to work on it.

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