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Mac OS X The new Developer Transition Resource Center is targeted at developers who have been tasked with moving their applications to Apple's forthcoming Intel-based Macs, scheduled for release in 2006. The site ties together topics, resources and tutorials, some of which were previously available on other parts of Apple's site, including QuickTime archives of WWDC sessions. In addition, Apple today updated its Xserve RAID storage system, a 3U high-availability, rack storage system to deliver a massive 7 terabytes of storage capacity at an aggressive price of just $1.86 per GB.
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I've heard complaints...
by Tuishimi on Wed 14th Sep 2005 19:09 UTC
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...that Apple is not doing enough, but I think that they are providing all the tools, and a place to search for answers.

I think they are doing a great job. I am looking forward to an early MacTel and I believe all the apps I use will be ready by then. This is all very exciting. ;)

Now I hope they are able to address the database/webserver performance issue...

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