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Windows As you surely know by now, the latest hype on the web is stories, news, or supposedly new quotes regarding the potential availability of Windows XP after June 30th, when Microsoft will cease selling the seven year old operating system. The latest development? Big PC companies like Dell and HP have found a backdoor to keep on selling XP after 30 June. And no, it doesn't involve Windows 2003.
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RE: So?
by sirhalos on Sun 27th Apr 2008 02:25 UTC in reply to "So?"
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License is different you can not purchase a license for 2003 only current versions for Microsoft products but yes it is the license you would use for older products depending on the product. So Office 2007 is the correct licenese for 2003. Windows XP is different you can not purchase a license for it you should be purchasing OEM versions of Windows XP. You should be purchasing Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 license for Windows 2000 Server families whether for CAL's or Devices.

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