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Windows As you surely know by now, the latest hype on the web is stories, news, or supposedly new quotes regarding the potential availability of Windows XP after June 30th, when Microsoft will cease selling the seven year old operating system. The latest development? Big PC companies like Dell and HP have found a backdoor to keep on selling XP after 30 June. And no, it doesn't involve Windows 2003.
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Stop the dependence on that platform
by Lennie on Sun 27th Apr 2008 08:58 UTC
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If you don't like the conditions of the licens and business practises of the software you are using. The best thing to do is, stop using it. Because as history shows us, microsoft has less and less an interrest in what their customers want.

If you are a company move your applications to the web (obviously it can be a comporate intranet) and make sure proper webstandards are supported by that product or to multiplatform applications (firefox, thunderbird).

The more you do that, the less dependent you are on that company in Redmond. So next time them come up with something you don't like, you just tell them to go away.

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