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Internet & Networking Back at MIX, the Live Platform Services team announced a new standard APP-based protocol for accessing your Live data, and at Web 2.0 the Live Mesh team has announced plans to extend that API with synchronization-ready access to data, devices, application and activity feeds. Ori Amiga shows a number of demos showing the native Mesh feeds, WPF applications using Mesh, a Silverlight client that supports working on and offline, a custom Facebook application that syncs Facebook photos with Live Mesh, a Mac client that sends photos to Live Mesh and even LINQ queries over Mesh objects.
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silverlight offline?
by chris_vickerson on Mon 28th Apr 2008 01:11 UTC
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"Silverlight client that supports working on and OFFLINE" - really?? I think I heard Moonlight does this but are you sure Silverlight can? Great news if this is correct.

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