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OSNews, Generic OSes The latest version of Whitix, V0.1, has been released for download. "Whitix is a simple open-source operating system for your PC. It offers a range of applications, so you can do what you want without worrying about instability or poor performance. How often have you wondered why modern software is too complicated, too buggy or just too unclear? Whitix is a return to the ideal of simple software that works the way you want it to. Although the software itself is still in its early days, our vision is well established."
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by fernandotcl on Mon 28th Apr 2008 21:07 UTC in reply to "Replies"
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Nevermind the years of development and research put into usable systems like Linux-based desktop. Let's start from scratch, treading the same path many other OS have treaded with varying degrees of success. That way, we can do what every other person did already and we'll only have to think about the problems we were meant to solve when (and if) we get to them (convenient, isn't it?).

Don't take me wrong, I'm an OS development enthusiast. But such bold statements ("we'll be able to run Windows apps and games", "our interface will be better than the currently available interfaces") are ridiculous, at best. How are you going to achieve those goals? How are you going to do a better job that what we have at the moment? What makes your project any better than whatever we have at our disposal at the moment?

I'm sick of this attitude. Stop underestimating modern real operating systems. What projects like this do is to criticize other operating systems for some specific reasons, and instead of solving the real causes of those issues, they attempt to reimplement a whole OS from scratch. Then they suddenly realize they could not do a better job than all the thousands of bright minds behind real operating systems (d'uh), and the project dies.

Either use your OSdev skills for something useful or stop bitching about what you do not want to (or can not) fix. It's not 1993 anymore. Creating an OS like that might be fun, but it's no longer rocket science or even a great achievement. Really.

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