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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Last week, the Ubuntu guys released Ubuntu 8.04, named "Hardy Heron". Instead of posting 24408 news items pointing to different reviews of this new Ubuntu release from all over the world, we decided to collect a few of them over the weekend and present them all in one gulp. I have a feeling some of you might like not seeing three Ubuntu items every day.
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Sorry, but this is just wrong. Think of a hammer: this is a tool that is extremely simple to use, just grab it and bash away. Do only fools use a hammer? Think of a blacksmith. A good tool should enable fools to get the work done, and experts to deliver exceptional results.

A blacksmith is not a fool. A blacksmith is a professional. And I know some people who are definitely not able to get a nail into a board without deforming it (that doesn't really have much to do with the blacksmith but w/e).

Also, comparing operating systems to things like that is... unfitting.

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