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Legal In October 2006, Hans Reiser, creator of the ReiserFS filesystem, was arrested under the suspicion of the murder of his wife, Nina, who had disappeared off the face of the earth after dropping their two children off at Hans' home. The two were divorced, and fighting a legal battle over ownership of the Namesys company and the custody of their children. Even though the body was never found, he has been declared guilty of first degree murder.
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Easy to prove innocent
by hauger on Tue 29th Apr 2008 12:51 UTC
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The defence speculation that the whole thing was a set up and that she's happily living in Russia with her family and kids seems a bit of a stretch. You'd think it'd be easy to prove she was alive if this was truly the case, hire a private investigator to go to Russia and watch the kids. You'd think eventually Nina, being a loving mother, would show up to see the kids. Video tape her alive, and bang! Hans is out of jail.

I find the thought of her framing him and heading to Russia rather hard to swallow, and assuming it's true, I'd find it even harder to swallow the thought that she would avoid her kids for any length of time to keep the fraud alive.

Now, to throw water on the flames that are a-brewin', I know getting a PI to Russia (or hire an honest one there) might prove a bit logistically tricky, and probably would be expensive, but if I was Hans, knew myself innocent, REALLY believed this line of reasoning and was facing all the punishments packaged with a 1st deg. murder conviction, I'd probably move heaven and earth to prove myself innocent.

Just my $0.02

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