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Graphics, User Interfaces The trash can metaphor in computing is as old as the desktop metaphor itself. It was first introduced with the Apple Lisa user interface, and found its way to the Macintosh. Apple patented the whole idea, and sued anyone who tried to use the same name, resulting in other user interfaces implementing the exact same principle but just named differently. Despite its old age, and the fact it barely changed over the decades, many people have issues with the traditional concept.
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by James99 on Tue 29th Apr 2008 15:01 UTC in reply to "RTFA"
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> It seems nobody cares to read the original submission article...

You're painting with a broad brush. Some of us did read it.

> It is not really an OCD... I was being funny...

If you say so, but speaking as someone who has some experience with OCD, your article really sounded like OCD might be a factor.

> About the psychiatrist thing...
> Well I'm actually a psychology undergrad

That's great, but it doesn't mean you might not be affected by OCD. One of my best friends is a psychologist and she believes that many of her colleagues entered the profession due to concerns about their own, well, idiosyncrasies.

(None of what I've said is intended to be a put-down of folks with OCD. I have some symptoms of it myself.)

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