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Windows Despite the fact that Windows is the world's most-used desktop operating system, it lacks certain features and gimmicks that other operating systems do have (no, really?). PCWorld made a list of 18 features Windows should have, but in fact doesn't. While some are spot on, others are a bit of a stretch.
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Most of this is personal preference
by MrWeeble on Wed 30th Apr 2008 14:58 UTC
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I don't need or want all the flash expose/dock icon resizing. I like my menu bar to be associated with the window (and there is standardisation, File Edit View(optional) Tools(optional) Help is the standard order for windows).

Most of the rest are included third party apps. Remember MS got sued for including a web browser and a media player in it's OS, so if the powers that be believe that that is too much bundling, how would they react to an app that recorded media and published it to the web!

The only thing on that list that I agree with is ISO burning, though I wonder how often non-power-users who are not pirating software actually need to burn an ISO?

This is ridiculous list, that could easily be replaced by the sentence "Windows is not Mac OS X"

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