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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Last week, the Ubuntu guys released Ubuntu 8.04, named "Hardy Heron". Instead of posting 24408 news items pointing to different reviews of this new Ubuntu release from all over the world, we decided to collect a few of them over the weekend and present them all in one gulp. I have a feeling some of you might like not seeing three Ubuntu items every day.
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Elderly can't figure it out.
by ninja_in_pajamas on Wed 30th Apr 2008 16:28 UTC
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Though I do somewhat agree with what the third review said, he needs to realize it is not like that for everyone. Case in points are my wife and my mother. Both are computer illiterate, and with the exception of trying to figure out how to install applications, they both had no problems figuring out how to do whatever they wanted. I think if Ubuntu changed the name of Synaptics to something a little more obvious like install/remove applications, that part would have remedied itself right there. With every OS, there will be people who have difficulty making a switch to it. If you grew up on a Mac your whole life and then switched to windows, there would obviously be a bit of a learning curve.

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