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Windows Despite the fact that Windows is the world's most-used desktop operating system, it lacks certain features and gimmicks that other operating systems do have (no, really?). PCWorld made a list of 18 features Windows should have, but in fact doesn't. While some are spot on, others are a bit of a stretch.
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Their list is pathetic
by cobbaut on Thu 1st May 2008 08:34 UTC
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Their list is pathetic! (except for number 9: repositories of software)
Here is my list of features Windows should have:

1. ssh
There is no easy way to get a remote shell on a Windows server, yet OpenSSH is freely available for Microsoft to include in Windows (every other OS does it).

2. syslog
I know there are third party solutions to include syslog in Windows, but this should be part of the operating system!

3. fhs
Maybe not literally fhs, but at least a file structure that includes /etc /proc /tmp /var /bin /sbin and other common directories. The current mess in drive letters and long directory names with spaces is just unmanageble.

4. nfs
I mean real built-in support for the latest nfs, listing directories in a standard /etc/exports file. Not the pathetic attempt they call "Services For Unix" (which has not been updated in over four years).

5. built-in common file systems
They should include native support for ext2,ext3.reiserfs,zfs etcetera. The specs are open, but we still need third party drivers to use these common file systems.

6. MBR and GRUB support
Installing Windows on a machine with GRUB will destroy GRUB. Windows should at least recognize GRUB and give a proper warning before overwriting the Master Boot Record. It would be even better if Windows would add itself to GRUB (just like any other descent operating system does).

7. GNU tools and bash
A descent shell with some handy tools.

8. /etc
Did i mention it should have /etc (not C;\windows\system32\drivers\etc with five measely files) but a real /etc with a working /etc/hosts and /etc/nsswitch.conf and all the others like /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group, ... ditch the registry!

9. file links
It should support file links (ln and ln -s)!

10. /
Stop using those pathetic drive letters and put everything under /.

11. more handy tools
It would be nice to also have vi, man, gcc, tar, gzip, dd, cpio...

12. A home directory for users
I mean a real home directory that contains all the customized user settings for applications. Not the current mix of fifteen different locations to store some simple information.

13. repositories
The same as number 9 in the PCWorld list. In windows Control Panel there exists an icon called "Add/Remove Programs". It would be nice if it was actually possible to add or remove programs with it! The thousand most common freely available programs (firefox,anti-adware,anti-spyware,,gimp,...) should be in there so users can easily add them!!!
The "remove" option should really remove the software and not leave (anti-piracy)traces all over the place.

14. gpl
Microsoft should gpl the complete Windows source code and focus on supporting companies instead of ripping them of with proprietary lock-in and restrictive licenses!

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