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Apple The soap surrounding PsyStar, the company that offers a Mac clone for sale, just keeps on running. After the initial launch, the company was plagued by doubt and mystery surrounding its actual existence, but soon after videos started popping up of the OpenComputer out in the wild, beyond the company itself. Thanks to CNet, the company may now have fully redeemed itself.
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Please sue
by hauger on Thu 1st May 2008 14:16 UTC
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There's 2 things I hope come of this:

1. That there is no actual copyright infringment or illegal circumvention being carried out by PsyStar in making this hackintosh work.

2. Given the above being true, that Apple is forced to sue based PsyStar based on infringment of the EULA. Hopefully that'll give a ruling (finally) on the enforcability of the EULA (in the US at least).

Personally, given #1 being true, I don't see Apple having much of a leg to stand on. If the software runs on "off the shelf" hardware (I'm looking at the Atari 2600 clones here), I can't see the EULA being a big enough stick to stop the practice.

I love how well it illustrates the hardware margin though and just serves to show how fantastically overpriced Apple hardware is....and don't give me that crap about "tight integration"--so what, they take off the shelf stuff, then build the kernal and services specifically to the hardware used. Big deal. I thought that was kind of what compiling your own Linux kernel was all about. Sure, maybe it's worth a bit of a premium, but when, for the same price as a mac mini, I can get a bigger CPU, 3x the RAM, over 2x the HDD, ditch the integrated graphics for a Nvidia card, and throw in a couple more firewire ports, who cares if the fan's loud. Big deal....wander down to your local hardware shop and buy a more quiet fan if it bothers you.

Maybe the premium is a good value when you bundle in the 284 units of smugness and 967 units of trendy-ness that comes in every box.

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