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Multimedia, AV Just yesterday Mozilla Europe's Tristan Nitot predicted that Adobe might open source Flash one day if competition from Microsoft's Silverlight got too fierce. It seems as if he can look into the future, as today Adobe has announced the Open Screen Project. While not exactly an open source announcement, it does open the door a little bit more.
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by linuxdude on Thu 1st May 2008 18:05 UTC
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Novell is the developer of MONO. Novell has singed exclusive patent deals with microsoft - by which **only Novell** gets patent protection for MONO from Microsoft. No one else gets those protection. For which Novell is paying mirosoft for every copy of SuSE Linux sold - as protection money.

So when ever you buy SuSE/Novell you effectively are paying Mirosoft a part of it - as protection money ;)


Coming back to the topic - this is good news !! I am downloading the specs for flash. Maybe can contribute some code to gnash ;)

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