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Gnome In November 2007, we reported on the GNOME Board Elections of 2007, where Jeff Waugh was getting serious slack flack from some people in the GNOME community. One of the complaints centred around Waugh's apparent inability to properly take care of requests to be syndicated on Planet GNOME, or other maintenance issues related to PGO. Six months later, this complaint is still valid, according to Rodney Dawes.
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Mainly because jdub, the crappy current "maintainer" is on the gnome foundation board. Because of his super 37337 ness, no one dares to forcefully remove him from his current throne.

It is an all around bad situation for the gnome community. Jdub uses his gnome power to pimp his consultancy while leaving gnome in the dust.

Edit, adding link to his about page that shows what I'm talking about:

"""By night, he is an active participant in the GNOME project"""

Proof has came up on multiple occassions he isn't very active.

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