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Legal The Electronic Frontier Foundation last week won the right to unseal court documents related to Apple's efforts to subpoena the sources of online journalists. The documents, previously sealed by the Court and unavailable to the journalists and their attorneys, show that Apple moved to subpoena the reporters' sources before conducting a thorough investigation within the company.
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RE[3]: subpoena to sue
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 14th Sep 2005 21:25 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: subpoena to sue"
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As far as I'm concerned, no company can force me to disclose *any* information, names or other things.

Huh? How is Apple trying to silence journalists? They simply want to stop people from breaking their non disclosure contracts and thus reveal their trade secrets.

Yes, but what does ThinkSecret have to do with this? In case you don't know, everyone has the right to remain silent. So, ThinkSecret doesn't have to disclose anything. What law states that ThinkSecret should?

Apple should go after the people it has signed NDAs with; they are the ones at fault. ThinkSecret did nothing more than publish that information, as did many other websites. The fact that ThinkSecret knows the names changes nothing.

I know quite some interesting information too about various matters, being the managing editor and all. Yet, no one can force me to disclose anything. There is no law that I know of that can force me, or any other site, to disclose information. The leaking devs signed an NDA; *not* ThinkSecret.

And *of course* Apple is trying to silence journalists here-- what else is the purpose of this? If Apple wins all this, than ThinkSecret will be unable to publish the news it hears from people without mentioning their names. Obviously, then people will top submitting news to ThinkSecret.

This is a bad move by Apple. I hope I one of these days get a letter from them too. Until they realize I do not fall under US law.

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