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Multimedia, AV Just yesterday Mozilla Europe's Tristan Nitot predicted that Adobe might open source Flash one day if competition from Microsoft's Silverlight got too fierce. It seems as if he can look into the future, as today Adobe has announced the Open Screen Project. While not exactly an open source announcement, it does open the door a little bit more.
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as4 rant
by wanker90210 on Fri 2nd May 2008 10:18 UTC
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If I imagine how it looked when they introduced scripting support in flash, I see 10 really drunk guys at a company party, throwing out stupid ideas while laughing.

If I imagine how AS3 was created, I see a stressed guy with hangover trying to fix what could be fixed.

flex/flash9/as3 is aiming to be the vm of the web, but as3 is still imho quite bad compared with C#. Some simple (?) fixes like enums, to give typesafe api:s in a nonbizarre way, and typed containers (à la .NET 2.0) for speed and compile time catching of errors.

Programming as3 feel a bit like looking after a child which gets occasional fits, throwing things all over the place.

Perhaps open sourceing flash would make actual users of as3 an option to make a usable Actionscript happen.

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