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Slackware, Slax One of the oldest Linux distributions, Slackware, has pushed out another release. "Well folks, it's that time to announce a new stable Slackware release again. So, without further ado, announcing Slackware version 12.1! Since we've moved to supporting the 2.6 kernel series exclusively (and fine-tuned the system to get the most out of it), we feel that Slackware 12.1 has many improvements over our last release (Slackware 12.0) and is a must-have upgrade for any Slackware user."
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RE: hands down
by tubatodd on Sat 3rd May 2008 17:09 UTC in reply to "hands down"
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I used to be a Slack guy when I had a really old laptop that I wanted to breathe life into. Now that I have a more modern laptop, I've switched to Ubuntu for simplicity. I recently took an old Pentium 2 laptop I had sitting in the closet and turned it into a CLI only fileserver in about an hour with Zenwalk. To me, Zenwalk is Slackware with more user friendliness. They even have Gnome in the main repositories.

With Slack 12.1....this may be the version that gets me back to using Slack on my main machine. Kudos!!!

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