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Microsoft Earlier this year, Microsoft offered to purchase search engine company Yahoo, however, the board of directors of Yahoo shot the offer down beause it 'massively' undervalued the company. This ignited an acquisition dance that took a few months, and rumours were abound as to what either of the two would do next.
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Comment by satan666
by satan666 on Mon 5th May 2008 00:07 UTC
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Why are you guys so concerned about Yahoo's market value going up or down? Whatever Microsoft will pay that will be the real value of Yahoo. Yahoo's price is going down. So is its real value. The more time passes the better for Google. By the time Microsoft buys Yahoo, its real value and market share will be lower, and Yahoo's price will be lower. The only winner is Google. And that's just great news for consumers. I'd rather see Google doing well than Microsoft.
Microsoft showed that once it became a monopoly, it stopped innovating, forcing customers to buy their crap at high prices.

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