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Oracle and SUN Engadget got the chance to sit down with Jonathan Schwartz, the pony-tailed CEO of Sun Microsystems. Being the gadget blog that they are, Engadget asked Schwartz about the long-missing JavaFX Mobile platform Sun has promised, Java on the iPhone, and competing with Microsoft as an open source vendor.
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RE[4]: Shame ...
by Arun on Mon 5th May 2008 02:32 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Shame ..."
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Well, I know you want to nitpick without addressing the crux of the arguments, but I'll bite.

There should be some reasonable data in there for you to digest. The crux is that Sun's x86 Opteron servers are outselling SPARC by a wide margin. It's a question of volume, and that's why Sun had to move to it. Having their SPARC be outperformed and still be more expensive in the same target market isn't helping.

You are beyond hope at this point. Your reading and comprehension skills seem to be non existent.

Look at the charts. The chart on the left is Total Server shipments. On the right x86 shipments.

Total Server: Approx 100,000 units.
X86 servers: 30,000 Units.
Sparc Server (total - x86) = 70,000 units


Given that Linux has traditionally been installed on x86 and that's where Sun's SPARC lunch was eaten, that's fairly logical. It's difficult to justify Solaris under those circumstances.

Sun sells more SPARC systems running Solaris than all the x86 systems combined. See above.

In all honesty, that doesn't surprise me. If the opposite was true, the Solaris folks would be trumpeting it from the hills. They're not.

But the opposite is true but your feeble mind can't comprehend it. Sorry try again.

That's the long and the short of it, and alas, there isn't much cheer to be had. Sun have some good stuff, and with good leadership they could be doing very well, but due to inertia and poor management decisions that isn't going to happen.

You are grasping at straws making silly statements with no real data to back them up.

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