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OSNews, Generic OSes Ever since I started using computers, I've been baffled by the relative clumsiness of installing applications. Whether we are talking the really old days (launching the Rambo game off a tape), the '90s (running Keen or using installers in Windows 95), or the modern days (still those installers, but now also package management and self-contained applications); it's all relatively cumbersome, and they all have their downsides. I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and come up with my idealistic, utopian method of installing, running, updating, and uninstalling applications.
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RE[4]: GoboLinux
by shevegen on Tue 6th May 2008 13:04 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: GoboLinux"
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'Note, with that I don't say this particular idea is no good. '

But you are missing the point of the above poster.

He critisized the guy that said Gobolinux is not a good idea, but that other guy did not give ANY REASON AT ALL.

Noone can act upon FUD ;)

And btw, this suggestion here is different from Gobolinux in a few key areas. I am not saying it is good or bad here, but it is obviously that there are a few people who neither read this, nor know about Gobolinux - or opt to simply not give any reasons at all why something is "good" or "bad".

It is pointless to debate about opinions without people giving any REASONS behind them.

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