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Apple "Today, I'm incredibly pleased to introduce iMac, our consumer product. And iMac comes from the marriage of the excitement of the internet, with the simplicity of the Macintosh." With these words, ten years ago today, Steve Jobs unveiled the product that would literally save Apple from certain doom. The all-in-one, translucent computer would become a revolutionary product.
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RE: G4
by D3M0N on Tue 6th May 2008 17:21 UTC in reply to "G4"
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The iMac G4s are terrible to service and the inherent design of drawing air through the bottom vents causes the Optical Drives in them to fail frequently. Good looking design from an aesthetic point of view, horrible from a servicing/functioning point of view.

My favorites are the Rev. A and Rev. B iMac, from a servicing point of view. You cannot beat three phillips screws to reveal the components neatly laid out. Aesthetically... the later, slimming iMacs and the new aluminum.

I'm waiting for Apple to have both easy servicing like the original iMac G5s and the aesthetics of the G4 for example. So far they haven't quite hit it with their all-in-ones.

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