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Hardware, Embedded Systems As we all know, the Eee PC, running a modified Xandros, has been a major hit for Asus, and because of that, also a major hit for Linux. The device proved that a computer with a pre-installed Linux distribution can still be s successful machine, and many hoped that this would push Asus and other vendors to produce more computers with Linux pre-installed. This hope could be in vain after all if the new Windows XP-based Eee PC has anything to do with it.
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RE[3]: I don't like this title
by satan666 on Wed 7th May 2008 21:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I don't like this title"
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I think it is better to buy the Windows version and install Mandriva 2008.1 (it is supposed to work out of the box, wifi and all the good stuff) or another Linux tailored for eeePC. Microsoft is loosing money with every computer sold with Windows because of the subventions. So the more computers are sold the worse for Microsoft. In addition, by buying the Windows eeePC you don't support Xandros (which has a patent deal with Microsoft).
But better than all this is to boycott eeePCs altogether.
Someone already mentioned that there are better choices on the market.

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