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Hardware, Embedded Systems As we all know, the Eee PC, running a modified Xandros, has been a major hit for Asus, and because of that, also a major hit for Linux. The device proved that a computer with a pre-installed Linux distribution can still be s successful machine, and many hoped that this would push Asus and other vendors to produce more computers with Linux pre-installed. This hope could be in vain after all if the new Windows XP-based Eee PC has anything to do with it.
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RE: Price is too high
by stabbyjones on Wed 7th May 2008 23:27 UTC in reply to "Price is too high"
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i bought the 701 (4GB) here in Australia for $483 in feb this year, which is currently ~450USD.

The price for everything is too high here. games cost almost double what you can buy them for in the US now.
50USD does not equal 100AUD!

i won't be upgrading my eeepc because it already does what i need and after i installed ubuntu from a usb stick it has it all i want.

paying that much more for a larger screen isn't worth it as far as i can see. the drive space is also irrelevant as i keep work on usb sticks and have a SDHC storage card for extra data.

you should be able to pick up a good 701 for cheap very soon. ;)

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