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OSNews, Generic OSes There are quite a few operating systems which have moved beyond the simple hobby operating system stage, onto a more lasting plane of existence. AROS, ReactOS, SkyOS, Syllable, Haiku; they're no longer basement products, coded by a single programer - they are now projects in which a lot of people have invested time, and possibly money too. They won't go away any time soon. The last few days have seen news on three of these systems: ReactOS, SkyOS, and Syllable.
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OT - But in my opinion they should have kept the style of NT 4.0/Win98SE and fine tuned the underlying engine. Ever since 2000 I've felt Microsoft was working against their customer base and trying too hard to woo programmers. In my opinion a programmer-oriented OS is just not what the masses at home want.

We live in a world driven by economy an easy to program OS brings economic benefits to the customer, that's exactly what the masses at home want.

Don't get me wrong on a romantised level I agree with you but the realities of life are much different.

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