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OSNews, Generic OSes There are quite a few operating systems which have moved beyond the simple hobby operating system stage, onto a more lasting plane of existence. AROS, ReactOS, SkyOS, Syllable, Haiku; they're no longer basement products, coded by a single programer - they are now projects in which a lot of people have invested time, and possibly money too. They won't go away any time soon. The last few days have seen news on three of these systems: ReactOS, SkyOS, and Syllable.
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RE: how come???
by Darkness on Fri 9th May 2008 16:42 UTC in reply to "how come???"
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SkyOS: Okay ;) Innovative, but low-level is more important. If people can't run your OS then why create apps??

What do you mean "can't run"? It supports a lot of common hardware so most people should be able to run it. Okay, sata support is limited, and some other important hardware pieces are missing but those do not prevent running skyos.

And an IDE is a rather important tool for an OS. If it is easy to create new small apps for an OS, this can quickly add some interesting applications that are currenlty not top priority.
It is a way to get more involvement from the community.
Imagine there was no visual studio or eclipse...

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