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Legal In July of 2007, Skype lost a court case over their failure to include a copy of the GPL in their WSKP100 VoIP phone - it ran Linux, GPL software, which means a copy of the GPL license must be included. The case was started by the group. Skype decided to appeal against the decision, but it has decided to withdraw that appeal.
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RE: won what
by satan666 on Fri 9th May 2008 20:32 UTC in reply to "won what"
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GPL is not enforced to make someone rich, it is enforced to make sure you give back to the community if you modify the code. Nobody forces you to use GPL code, you can always write your own. But if you improve the code, you give it back to the community, then someone else improves the code and everybody benefits, including the users that get low cost or free applications.

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