Linked by Thom Holwerda on Sat 10th May 2008 21:49 UTC, submitted by Thorsten Wilms
Graphics, User Interfaces As you may remember from our series on common usability terms, I have a lot of interest in graphical user interface concepts. In addition, I applaud anyone trying to improve existing concepts, people that try to think beyond set conventions to come up with an improved version of that concept, or a new concept altogether. Thorsten Wilms took on the well-established concept of the scrollbar, and came up with a few interesting tweaks.
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by Moonbuzz on Sun 11th May 2008 07:06 UTC
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This isn't an improvement, but rather a duplication of the existent solution. That, in itself is not a problem; however, re-solving a solved problem is the mark of bad interface design, as it tends to clutter interfaces with bad choices rather than build on the current strengths.

Love it or hate it, users are used to scrollbars, know how to use them and use them intuitively due to familiarity. Recreating the wheel is forcing the user to learn to use a familiar widget and causes an interface that implement it to become counter-intuitive. One thing you don't want to do is have an interface that is different than everything else on the user's system. If design-wise, you don't think scrollbars are good, eliminate scrolling (i.e. fit everything in a frame) altogether. Replacing them with your own widget is reinforcing the problem you were trying to avoid, and is creating a new one.

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