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Bugs & Viruses 1983. The year of the IBM PC XT, the Apple Lisa, Pioneer 10 leaving the solar system, and Hooters opening up shop in Florida. It's also the birthyear of a 25 year old BSD bug, squashed only a few days ago.
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RE[3]: HEH
by abraxas on Sun 11th May 2008 14:52 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: HEH"
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I think this illustrates the fallacy of the "many eyeballs" meme that is taken as the gospel truth in open source circles.

The exception confirms the rule. The fact that this is newsworthy and thus uncommon in open source projects proves quite the opposite of what you are saying. Open source isn't a perfect development system but these kinds of unfixed bugs aren't exactly the norm in open development. Closed source software has all kinds of workarounds built into them to address issues with their interaction with other closed source software but we don't hear about it because it is so common that it isn't newsworthy. Workarounds are only necessary in the closed source world because there is no code to look at to confirm the bug and the developer can just deny the bug exists and claim it is the interaction with other software that is flawed.

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