Linked by Thom Holwerda on Sat 10th May 2008 21:49 UTC, submitted by Thorsten Wilms
Graphics, User Interfaces As you may remember from our series on common usability terms, I have a lot of interest in graphical user interface concepts. In addition, I applaud anyone trying to improve existing concepts, people that try to think beyond set conventions to come up with an improved version of that concept, or a new concept altogether. Thorsten Wilms took on the well-established concept of the scrollbar, and came up with a few interesting tweaks.
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A true popup scroll bar
by JPowers on Mon 12th May 2008 14:10 UTC
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Right clicking on the scroll bar scroll bar should pop-up a selection window.

The selection windows should have:
1) Page

Word Processors should also have a "Section" (This should give me a listing of sub-headers).

Code Editors should have a "Procedure" (This should give a list of procedures in the source).

Selecting a page number, Section, or Procedure should move to that location.

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