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Windows Windows XP SP3, the final service pack for Windows XP, was released to manufacturing a few weeks ago, and popped up on Windows Update about a week later. Even though the service pack is rather light on actual new features, it still caused a few problems for some users. Despite these problems, some benchmarks show that while SP3 delivers better performance compared to XP SP2, Microsoft seems to have solved many performance issues with Vista, turning the company's latest OS offering into the better choice for gaming - according to ExtremeTech.
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Game off
by Sodapop on Tue 13th May 2008 18:38 UTC
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I don't game anymore on my PC, except old games. So, no real reason for me to really ever upgrade my computer again. At least I can't find one.

Everything runs just fine on my old p4 box. I think the only reason one needs anymore to upgrade the PC is Video Games. If you don't play new games and everything else is running fine and stable, enjoy it I say.

With games moving over to the cheaper consoles, I strongly believe that upgrading PC's will be all but unnecessary sooner or later. Except for businesses and people that use graphics software and the like.

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