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Fedora Core The Fedora Project has pushed out its 9th release. The release announcement is one of those fancy story ones, without much actual information, but an earlier email by Fedora project leader Paul Frields had some more interesting things to say.
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I'm currently running opensuse 10.3 and kde 4.0.4 packages from the build service, and I can do all of those: create multiple panels, change their appearance (new themes pop regularly on, and resize it (although you can't for example have a horizontal panel that doesn't cover the entire width of your monitor, you can only adjust height with horizontal panel, and width with a vertical one).

openSUSE does backport more things than are in the original kde 4.0.4 packages, but there you have it, at least on openSUSE you can today have stable packages with all those features included.

(And finally, I guess it's easier to press + or - than to give a straight answer).

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