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Graphics, User Interfaces Rethinking the desktop metaphor, or even improving it in any significant way, is a daunting task, and few dare to take the risk. The end result is that the desktop metaphor that we use today barely changed over the years - which is quite unique for the computing industry, as normally, things change very rapidly.
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Different Can Be Good.
by Pelly on Thu 15th May 2008 13:18 UTC
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This project looks pretty good and seems to be something worth following.

I enjoy seeing attempts to create/re-create something new for the desktop interface. The Desktop itself has been such a debatable topic that something new (or seems new) can be intimidating.

Change? Who wants change? Change means things will be different! It won't be what I'm used to! I'll have to re-learn things. No! Go back! BACK, I say! Resist!

Unless it's a change in the money we earn (an increase) there are many of us who resist any change that possibly upsets the apple cart or alters our perceptions of how we do things.

I'm guilty of being too resistant to change from time to time. Even over simple things. Just ask my wife. See?

When it comes to computers, this seems more prevelant with the average user mind-set. Jane & Joe Average can use their computers & s/w to do their jobs. What most know is only of a basic capacity/functionality.

Now toss in a wrench by upgrading the software they use (apps - not the OS) and many immediately panic, if even for a short time. Upgrading routinely used software applications often causes average users a lot of stress. Things are different; they're not the same.

Change doesn't have to be a bad thing.

My 2 cents.

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