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Mono Project On his blog, Miguel de Icaza announced the first public releases of Moonlight. Moonlight is the open source implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight, the company's Flash competitor. Moonlight is not yet free of bugs, though.
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RE: Nice..
by miguel on Thu 15th May 2008 23:11 UTC in reply to "Nice.."
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But its interesting how they provide no Solaris package. sure, they have a mono package, but its only for sparc - scared that if you provide an x86 version for Solaris,it might drag some customers away? Where is the moolight plugin for Solaris?

We would love to support Solaris.

If you can raise the funds to get us some powerful SPARC servers and desktops to test on (one of each would do), we will be more than happy to do the builds, publish the packages and even negotiate with Microsoft porting the codecs to Solaris as well.

As for Solaris on Intel, we would also like to do that, but we would need dedicated hardware as well.

If nobody steps up to provide these, we will still likely do them at some point, but there are just bigger fish to fry at this point.

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