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Slackware, Slax The latest release of Slackware, 10.2, was just released to the mirrors.
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only problem is Chinese fonts
by Anonymous on Thu 15th Sep 2005 05:02 UTC
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I've used Slackware and really liked it, but I work with both Chinese and English and I never could get Chinese fonts to install. I admit that the ignorance is on my part, but after scouring the forums and seeing others having the same difficulty, I'm at a loss. With Debian it's just a "apt-get install name-of-font-file" and it's done.

I realize that not everyone needs to use a non-Roman font, so for most users this is a total non-issue. However, I wish I could find a solution to this particular problem - I'd give Slackware another go if I could work out how to do this.

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