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Features, Office "As nice as Open Office Excel is for a free application, it doesn't even come close to the performance and usability of Microsoft Office Excel. There is no shame in losing to a commercially funded application, but no one should make false statements that Microsoft Office is bloated and inferior. The only remaining question for businesses and homes is whether Excel is worth the money and most have apparently decided yes." Update: OOo 1.1.5 has been released.
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RE: Speed
by Clinton on Thu 15th Sep 2005 05:35 UTC in reply to "Speed"
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Don't get me wrong, I think the new office interface looks pretty interesting (haven't actually used it though). However...

For me it isn't about the features and asthetics as much as it is about being usable and free from things like activation, "phone home" features, and product keys the length of my arm.

Sure, Word may take down your trousers, provide multiple couresty flushes, and swab your cheeks for you when you're done (you know, all the classy stuff) but when all you are doing is typing letters and resumes, is it really worth the money and loss of freedom?

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