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Slackware, Slax The latest release of Slackware, 10.2, was just released to the mirrors.
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Nice to see Slack on the move again.
by Anonymous on Thu 15th Sep 2005 06:38 UTC
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And it's really nice to see people making some noise about it, it eases my sinking feeling that users have been abandoning slack lately.

I myself was a long-time slack user before I found another distro I actually liked better after slack 8.0, (not arch, gentoo or debian, not gonna pimp it either.. :p ) and I've seen quite few "slack-vets" like myself pop up as new users recently.

It would be sad if everyone would leave slack, since that would not only take away a great distro, but also a valuable tool for those who have decided to move beyond red hat or suse and really learn how the system works, without getting too uncomfortable. It would also further strengthen the misbelif a lot of ignorant people have that red hat and rpm is all there is to linux, since slack is probably the only non-rpm and non-deb based distro that gets any form of brand recognition.

Slack is important! Congratulations to Pat and all slack users.

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