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Original OSNews Interviews BeOS (and Haiku) has a very powerful filesystem, thanks mostly to its extensive use of attributes and live queries to search through these attributes. In order to access these powerful features over a network, you need a network file system that also supports attributes and queries - cue BeServed, Kevin Musick's network file system. A few weeks ago, the code to BeServed was donated to the Haiku project as open source under a MIT license, so HaikuNews and OSNews decided to interview Kevin Musick together. In addition, Haiku launched the Haiku Code Drive 2008.
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Haiku 2008
by SoloDeveloper on Sun 18th May 2008 14:06 UTC
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I think that it is a great idea. Hopefully progress will be made to add the code in and make a better FS for Be/Haiku.

I just hope that lots of people donate for the funding of the Haiku Code Drive.

I have to admit, i have not use BeOS since BeOS MAX was around, although for about 1 year i had hardware that was so old even the best of Linux distros would seem slow on it, so i through BeOS MAX on it and the hardware responded well to it.

that is to say, it could boot, i could do reports on it, and sure the internet with a firefox build.

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