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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris It seems like we're really on the subject of filesystems and related technology the past few days. We had an interview with the man behind BeServed, an item on WinFS' current status, and now we - possibly - have news on ZFS coming to Linux. Possibly, because it's all speculation from here on out.
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"Chocolate on my peanut butter? No peanut butter on my chocolate!"

This is a play of words made popular during the 80's in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cups advertisement which was aired on television in the US. In the commercial one person has peanut butter, the other has chocolate-each enjoying their respective treats, until, voila, the one with the chocolate places his candy into the jar of peanut butter-they both try the result and then the announcer comes on: "two great tastes come together, chocolate and peanut butter, try Reese's Peanut Butter cups"...

So this reference in the photo caption is likely the opposite of a disagreement, ie. concurrence(agreement) -hinting at what it might be like if the two(ZFS and ?Linux) were combined....Of course the playfulness of this text-quoting a popular commercial of days gone bye-likely means that that this text was probably chosen to *maximize* speculation about some kind Linux/ZFS combo.

Probably 90% of all google hits for ZFS are about ZFS not being available on Linux, or how Linux needs ZFS, or when ZFS is going to have a new license to make it work with Linux, or ... Sun really knows how to stimulate product fetishes(marxist/freudian manipulation of desire through have what you want and you can't have it, and you want it because you can't have it-tauto logon)- almost as good as Apple does it, the number of people who have heard the hype about ZFS outnumbers those who will ever use Solaris by at least a factor of 10 ;)

and for german speakers a little philosopher joke : Du denkst immer an das Eine, Du alter Metaphysiker ;)

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