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Graphics, User Interfaces Read Write Web has an interesting article on the concept of the contextual user interface. A contextual user interface - as the name implies - is an interface which adapts to the current wishes of its users, the context. The interface will change according to the actions the user takes; present a set of minimal options, and show other options as the user goes along. While the article makes some good points, it also contains some generalisations that I find rather debatable.
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What a bad article
by Minuous on Mon 19th May 2008 01:53 UTC
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This is one of the worst articles I have read in a long time. The suggestions of the author seem to violate every UI standard. He seems to want ugly, inconsistent, and nonintuitive gadgets, and wants to hide options from the user as though they are stupid. Maybe his are.

"The elements of the menu are not buttons but check boxes, which allow multiple selection - another
violation of classic user interface elements"

Rubbish. I don't know or care whether Windoze or Linux or his beloved MacOS have multiple menu selection but it is certainly supported in AmigaOS and has been since 1985.

He should read the "Amiga User Interface Style Guide", it's still the definitive reference source for GUI design: a classic. Maybe then he would not be putting his foot in his mouth with this crap.

Then again, since he is obviously an Apple shill, who knows.

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