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Graphics, User Interfaces Read Write Web has an interesting article on the concept of the contextual user interface. A contextual user interface - as the name implies - is an interface which adapts to the current wishes of its users, the context. The interface will change according to the actions the user takes; present a set of minimal options, and show other options as the user goes along. While the article makes some good points, it also contains some generalisations that I find rather debatable.
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by Glynser on Mon 19th May 2008 09:00 UTC
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I really HATE articles that are sooo full of personal opinion but try to sound like they are only delivering facts.

And I also didn't like the "Thanks to Apple..." sentence, because in my opinion, the Mac OS GUI isn't really different from other window-based GUIs. I really don't know why they should be the "GUI masters sent from heaven", since they're also using windows, checkboxes, buttons, scrollbars, what is so special about it?

I thought you were going to talk about DIFFERENT ways of implementing GUIs, and I thought there might be really revolutional aspects in the article, but since you're praising the Apple GUIs so much, I can't really see any revolution.

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