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Linux It's one of those catch phrases that never really seems to die out. Wherever you look in the operating systems world, at personal blogs written in crummy English, or at high-profile quality websites, there is bound to be someone, somewhere who used it. Even I, myself, used it in articles in a far and distant past, and I'm not particularly proud of it. "Ready for the desktop" is no longer acceptable - in fact, it's on its way out.
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It's a metaphor
by AnXa on Mon 19th May 2008 18:43 UTC
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I personally think that "Ready for Desktop" was and is still just a metaphor. Used to describe something we want it to be and keep as our future objective.

It's suppose is to inspire people to write better software for the freedom which GPL has given us.

I honestly believe that if there are enough users, those users change the face of the operating system to their liking. And that OS will be perfect for those people. When more people get in it gets even broader user base which changes that OS so that everybody likes it even more. So so more people will jump in.

Not everybody might like it at the beginning. But when it develops, revolutionizes, and keeps on evolutioning into next stages it will gain broader general acceptance over others more stiff, inflexible OSes which do not change enough in short times like year or two.

Writer is right about that there ain't perfect desktop which will work for everybody out of the box. But I know that we can get really close to that objective.

Besides Gnu/Linux is still young. Maybe too young for global dominance. We need more time than these past fifteen years of "Linux desktop evolution".

Designing Mac desktop took 30 years. Why should we hurry our desktops which are built to last and evolve on their own. (At least as long as there are users for those desktops.) ;)

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