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Linux It's one of those catch phrases that never really seems to die out. Wherever you look in the operating systems world, at personal blogs written in crummy English, or at high-profile quality websites, there is bound to be someone, somewhere who used it. Even I, myself, used it in articles in a far and distant past, and I'm not particularly proud of it. "Ready for the desktop" is no longer acceptable - in fact, it's on its way out.
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by manjabes on Mon 19th May 2008 20:29 UTC
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If by "ready for the desktop" one means "on the verge of mass-adoption" then Linux or the likes will not be ready until decent gaming support arrives.
No, i don't mean tetris, solitaire or any other office-workers past-time of which there are already several (kde-games for example); nor do i mean tux racer which is barely a proof-of-concept thingy.
I mean the true stuff that most of the "free software" people have been quietly stepping over maybe bitterly dropping a "buy a playstation or xbox" remark or two. Computer gaming has been the driving force of the PC evolution since, i don't know, Doom. By missing out on that market, Linux misses a HUGE user base, some more, some less technical. I am probably not a good example of anything but although i'm now supposed to be all grown-up and stuff, i sometimes still get the urge to have a crack on Toca Race Driver or the latest Grand Theft Auto wallet-cleansing-utility. For that, I have to keep a Windows machine at hand. Now I am probably more motivated to switch between OS'es but nevertheless it is a pain.
Long story short, get a hold on THAT market and the Windows division will start driving buses for a living.

P.S. I acknowledge that accomplishing that task is, khm, somewhat difficult, but that does not deprive it from its grand-ness ;)

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