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Linux It's one of those catch phrases that never really seems to die out. Wherever you look in the operating systems world, at personal blogs written in crummy English, or at high-profile quality websites, there is bound to be someone, somewhere who used it. Even I, myself, used it in articles in a far and distant past, and I'm not particularly proud of it. "Ready for the desktop" is no longer acceptable - in fact, it's on its way out.
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by rexstuff on Mon 19th May 2008 22:09 UTC
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"My university has a campus-wide wireless network with all sorts of fancy security stuff. This is quite a hassle to set up..."

What is it with campus wireless and needless complication? At my own school, they have some flashy fancy authentication system that is down for maintainance half the time. When it is up, good luck getting it working. Under windows, one must download numerous third-party apps because the system they chose is not natively supported. OSX 'works' out-of-the-box in theory, but it will take an hour or two of fiddling with settings to get intermittent connectivity. Linux? Forget about it, I know of only one guy who got that working, and even he has no idea what he did.

Why the need for this extreme with authentication? It's a university (and in my case, at a remote campus), why not just have open networks available to everyone? Why the hassle?

Another example of too little experience and too much power on the part of the sysadmins? Seems likely to me...

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