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GNU, GPL, Open Source Back in April 2008, Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth pitched the idea of major open source projects synchronising their release cycles on a 6 month period. Projects like gcc, the Linux kernel, GNOME, KDE, as well as the distributions, would work out an acceptable release schedule. It would allow for easier collaboration between the various projects, and hardware vendors would be better able to support Linux since all major distributions would ship with the same kernel version.
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I support Aaron and Mark, but ...
by kragil on Tue 20th May 2008 10:27 UTC
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I think first distributor or the Linux Foundation or someone need to identify critical FOSS packages and employ someone to maintain them full time.
Having no committed maintainer for Openssl is pathetic. Although this time the fault was Debians it still cannot be excused that there is not better support such a crucial package. A full time committed maintainer might have helped.
It is always good to have someone whose job it is to care for software.

There are probably other packages.

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