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Windows "Right now, Windows Vista SP1 is supposed to be slowly winging its way out to 140 million Vista users, offering better general stability and improved copying performance (albeit perhaps not for dual boot users). After a protracted testing period, SP1 was made available for download in March, and was released for the Automatic Update service in mid-April, where it will in theory trickle down onto most Vista machines over the next few months. But just how many Vista users will actually ever receive it? Microsoft has admitted some users may never be offered the option to download SP1 via Windows Update.
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it's not so much a joke as more of a wake up call to MS.

the mpaa does not know what an operating system needs so don't pander to them.

there are so many ways for things to break "just to be safe" that it affects things it was never meant to. (bad performance, slower processing, crashes from dirvers.)

everyone is guilty until shot in the face with vista security...

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