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Benchmarks Several open source applications are available on both Linux as well as Windows. This gave Mohammed Saleh the idea of comparing the performance of various of these applications on both Ubuntu 8.04 as well as Windows XP SP3, to see which of the two performed better with certain applications. The results were rather interesting.
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Is that good, or is it bad? For desktop use, it's really bad. If this is about desktop performance, Windows XP should win that particular test, because it obviously uses more task switches, which is good for desktop performance (=responsiveness).

When I compile something in a terminal, and try to switch another window, then I want to do that. I don't want to wait one more second on GCC. That is desktop performance.

My experience shows that Ubuntu 8.04 is more responsive than XP. That is one thing I notice when switching from XP to Ubuntu. While some heavy task running that make my processor really hot, I can switch applications and desktops easily, and do something with them.

It really surprised me really, because if that happened in XP, switching applications will give me white blank windows, and I have to wait until XP can redraw the windows.

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