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Benchmarks Several open source applications are available on both Linux as well as Windows. This gave Mohammed Saleh the idea of comparing the performance of various of these applications on both Ubuntu 8.04 as well as Windows XP SP3, to see which of the two performed better with certain applications. The results were rather interesting.
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thank you, i was going to post the same thing. Windows NT's scheduler is actually very configurable.

You have a choice of:

3 foreground priority boost levels
Variable or Fixed quanta (timeslices)
Long or Short quanta

And any combination of the above.

The default for XP is to give the foreground app a 2x quanta boost with variable short quanta.

CFS tries to be fair through exact timing and clever algorithms, but XP can be fair with strict round robin policy.

Personally, I like the way NT hard codes the mouse and audio into the scheduler so they rarely skip. CFS will cause your mouse and music to skip under load.

Also, XP's foreground boost makes sense for interactive reasons. A while ago there was a patch in CFS to add a Xorg priority boost in the scheduler.

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