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Graphics, User Interfaces How would I describe today's GUIs? A mess. -- A mess that grew as new features were needed, with lack of proper design, with a desire to keep backward compatibility, and with tools from the past trying to achieve future needs. I propose a new design philosophy for GUIs. We'll call it Vermaden's GUI. Note: This is the latest entry in our 2008 article contest.
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Two flaws
by Ford Prefect on Wed 21st May 2008 23:43 UTC
Ford Prefect
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I like your article very much.

Flaw No 1: A Gui needs some air to breath. Your proposals are fixing the problems you mention but also create new ones. Please consider the question "where can I give some space to guide the user?" .. you removed clutter, but the slimmed down versions look confusing for most users, too. Esp. your Sonata example.

Flaw No 2: It's true that vector graphics are lots better than their pixmap counterparts in regards of appearance (if done right). Still, if you do a comparison between two scalings, you have to do it fairly. You didn't use one of the well established scaling algorithms which provide a much better quality than your simplest-possible-method.

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