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Fedora Core Using the default Gnome desktop, Fedora 9 generally felt solid and polished. Previous versions of Fedora have generally been hit or miss in this respect, so it's good to find a Fedora release that actually feels like a stable one, says Techiemoe. DesktopLinux has a mini-interview about Fedora and some additional info too.
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Fedora 9 (the best so far)
by RHCE07 on Thu 22nd May 2008 02:59 UTC
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I have been using Red Hat since 6.0 Professional and I really had no clue back then to what I was doing with it other than I liked it.

I had Fedora 8 and it got wiped out and Fedora 9 installed with a Volume Group divided up separately and encrypted really cool. I finally understand SELinux and the concepts after my RHCE class, cert and LOTS of hours studying in my free time.

Upstart has taken the place of the old inittab structure, the firewall rules are different, tons of new graphical tools. It is just awesome, I have it on my work laptop now, other home machines and fixing to load up my workstation with it wiping off RHEL5.1...

Actually some of the features are in RHEL5.2 that was just released and I have downloaded the ISO images from RHN and getting ready for installation tomorrow.

FireFox 3 works like a dream, I have to say it gets better and better. RHEL6.0 will be light years ahead, I never thought a hobby could earn me a living....


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